#53: 174L Aquatic Garden
Ivo Busko, Cockeysville MD USA | E-mail: busko at stsci.edu
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Awards and Judge Comments

This is obviously a well cared for community tank. It needs a little judicious trimming, and it would be more attractive if the equipment better hidden.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
91 x 36 x 48 cm (36 x 14 x 19 in)
174L (46 gallons)
2 55 Watt, 5500K PCs, 1 30 Watt Aqua-Glo fluorescent
Fluval 303 canister filter with DIY surface extractor, ceramic noodles and floss.
Additional Information
CO2 from pressurized cylinder and glass diffuser, PMDD daily fertilization, laterite + vermiculite + sand in bottom substrate, UG plate acting as slow-flow substrate circulation system, 150 Watt heater.
Echinodorus tenellus, Proserpinaca palustris (mermaid weed), Rotala rotundifolia, Alternanthera reineckii, Micromeria brownei (creeping charlie), Hemianthus micranthemoides, Microsorum pteropus, dwarf lily (unknow species), Hygrophyla polysperma, Hygrophyla polysperma "Rosanevig", Bolbitis heudelotii, Vesicularia dubyana, Limnophila aquatica, Anubias barteri var nana, Valisneria americana, Cryptocoryne wendtii "brown", amazonian frogbit, Riccia fluitans.
2 angelfish, 2 pearl gouramis, 2 clown loaches, 2 siamese algae eaters, 10 cardinal tetra, 2 penguin tetra, 4 zebra danio, 4 ottocinclus affinis, 2 corydora, 4 red platy.
natural gravel substrate (top), hard malaysian driftwood, some black, smooth, round river rock.