#79: 140L Biotope Aquascape
Ron Dubbs, Brighton TN TN | E-mail: rondu at mindspring.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Third Place

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
61 x 46 x 55 cm (24 x 18 x 22 in)
140L (37 gallons)
Cork with some Java Fern attached.
2 x 55W CF., one 5500K and one 6500K from AH Supply
Eheim pro series canister through a spray bar "vertical in corner and "teed" across the right side about 1 inch below the surface for good water circulation. Medium consists of fine gravel/sand and peat.
Additional Information
Aquarium is set up as a "killi-kommunity". Actual measured water volume is twenty-five U.S. gallons. It is hoped that the killies will spawn enough to maintain the species in the presence of other small fishes. Fine-leaved stem plants and a spawning mop is used for spawning sites. Algae is allowed for the benefit of the Otos, and any infusoria and protozoans that may develope as food for fry and any other grazing critters. The substrate consists of four layers. The bottom-most layer is a mixture of sand, peat, vermiculite, red art clay, and worm castings. The next layer up is a thin layer of fine sand to keep the bottom layer in place. The third layer up consists of unwashed Flourite. And the top layer is a mix of Flourite and Onyx as needed for decorative purposes. The substrate ranges in depth from three inches(left front) to nine inches(right rear). One piece of red slate is used to support and hold the lowest wood layer in position. Fertilization consists in the use of Seachem's Flourish Iron, Water Conditioner and Tabs.
Varius unidentified crypts, chain swords(E.tenellus,quadricostatus),clover(Marsilia sp),Red Tiger Lotus, Green Tiger Lotus,A. crispus,Hygrophyla(Tropic Sunset,polysperma),Cabomba, Ambula,Riccia(floating), Water Sprite(both floating and rooted), Salvinia, Duckweed(Lemna minor),Frogbit,a very small(just starting to grow)Madagascar Laceleaf(Aponogeton sp.),Java Fern, Java moss and odd bits of various stem plants, algae on left side glass and one spawning mop(artificial plant) 8^)>.
A.australe choc.(2pr.)& bitaeniatum(1trio), Aphl. panchax(2pr.), Black Phantom tetras(M.megalopterus - 2M, 6F),pencil fish(N.harrisoni - 4),Otocinclus affinis - 5, C. aeneus - 3, and a very few very young red ramshorn snails.
2 pieces of very twisted, knotty drift wood roots forming a terraced three level appearance. Lowest level is front and left side(2in.), the highest is the right rear corner(9in.).