#33: 208L Aquatic Garden
Peter Allen, Syracuse NY USA | E-mail: jeskaf at dreamscape.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

An organized jungle with a lot of interesting details.

Wim van Drongelen

I'm sure this tank brings its owner a lot of pleasure. Unfortunately, in this company, it is lacking in focus and grooming. The fish appear healthy, but the plants could use some work. There are signs of nutritional deficiencies. A little judicious trimming is also in order.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
122 x 33 x 51 cm (48 x 13 x 20 in)
208L (55 gallons)
Fluorescent - 4x40W bulbs
Exterior back-mounted filter - sponge and floss only.
Additional Information
I wish I'd read Diana Walstad's book before I set up this tank.
Cryptocoryne wendtii, Water Pennywort, Anubias barteri-nana, Water Sprite Crinum thianum, Hygrophila difformis, Ludwigia, Microsorum pteropus
Neon tetras, Corydorus catfish, Harlequin Raspbora, Otocinclus Siamese Algae Eaters, Pearl Gouramis
Aquarium Gravel - small, 1 Small Driftwood, Piled-up Rocks