#37: 45L Biotope Aquascape
Andrew Frueh, Havertown PA USA | E-mail: af004i at mail.rochester.edu
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Aquascape Details

Tank Size
53 x 28 x 46 cm (21 x 11 x 18 in)
45L (12 gallons)
Hagen 3D Rock Background
Eclipse 4000k daylight bulb
Eclipse three stage filtration system (carbon, floss, and bio wheel)
Additional Information
This tank is an standard Marineland Eclipse 12 system. It is a much smaller tank then I am used to, but just the right size for a college dorm room. I chose to leave the filter assembly is place for these pictures because one of the big challenges in this setup was finding a way to accomidate the eclipse's fairly bulky filter into the rock wall. The brichardi's stay mostly in the lower levels. However, they never cease to amaze me, always finding new places to explore among the rocks. Two of them paired off from day one, so I am looking forward to seeing fry show up sooner or later.
Three young brichardi cichlids.
Substrate is a African Cichlid Calcite mix used for buffering purposes. The rest of the tank is decorated entirely with rocks collected from various sources. The two green cave-like rocks were the only two that I bought.