#42: 219L Aquatic Garden
David Symes, Bronx New York USA | E-mail: dmas at bwwonline
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Awards and Judge Comments

A pleasant tank, but lacking a little in focus and organization.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
91 x 46 x 53 cm (36 x 18 x 21 in)
219L (58 gallons)
Painted black
Power compact 2x96 (6500k) 1x25 (florasun 8500k) 11hrs per day
Eheim 2215 canister
Additional Information
Hydrologic CO2 system with Pinpoint controller. CO2 piped into the output of the filter. Dupla substrate heating cables,M3 temp controller
Valisneria,Anubia afzelii, cryptocoryne spiralis,Didipilis diandra, Hemianthus microanthemoides,Boblitis heteoclita,Java fern,Anubia coffeefolia, bacopa carolina Cabomba aquatica,Hygrophila difformis, Boblitis heudeloti,Cryptocoryne Wendetii, lobelia cardinalis
Cardinal, glow light, neon, lemon , green fire tetras, white cloud minnow, Threadfin rainbows zebra loach, ottoclincus,siamensis, amano shrimps.
River gravel substrate over Terralit fertilizer, 2 peices of driftwood, one planted with anubia coffeefolia,boblitis and java fern.A few peices of petrified wood with the boblitis heteoclita and anubia afzelii attached