#70: 170L Aquatic Garden
Dan Simon, Seattle WA USA
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Awards and Judge Comments

good fish photo

Jeff Kropp

This is an example of a 'whole' approach. The custom cabinet and the design generate a very esthetic aquarium

Wim van Drongelen

This is an attractive tank in a beautifully made cabinet. It is, I'm sure the focal point in the room! The fish are well chosen to compliment each other. Unfortunately, there is a slight haze to the water, which detracts from the overall impression. The tank also looks like it is either fairly recently set up, or perhaps has had a recent, major overhaul. Some of the plants do not look fully settled in. One final minor complaint of mine is that I would prefer to see tanks filled high enough that the water line is hidden by the tank frame where ever possible. The light scatter above the water line pulls the eye away from an attractive aquascape, up to that distracting white line!

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
91 x 38 x 51 cm (36 x 15 x 20 in)
170L (45 gallons)
Black plastic
2/ea. 32 watt T-8 bulbs (6500k)
Fluval 303 internal filter
Additional Information
Dupla laterite and Tropica Matergrow used for fertilization. No supplementaL cO2 added. Calcium Carbonate used to increase general hardness.
Java fern, water sprite,dwarf sag, Bacopa, Hornwort
9/ea. Melanotaenia boesemani, 2/ea. Melanotaenia praecox, 2/ea. Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi, 1/ea. Chilatherina bleheri, 4/ea. Cordoras trilineatus
1 piece of driftwood and 1 small rock.