#44: 208L Aquatic Garden
Carlos Jose Sanchez, Miami Florida USA | E-mail: tsunamicarlos at hotmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Very nice close-up shots, but the angled full-tank photo doesn't illustrate the whole aquascape as clearly as I would like.

Roger Miller

I'd prefer smaller fish. Let the plants in the background grow taller before you take the next pics.

Detlef Hupfeld

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
122 x 33 x 46 cm (48 x 13 x 18 in)
208L (55 gallons)
Blue background paper
206 watts power compact fluorescent lighting (2x55 watt 5400k bulbs and a 1x96 watt 6700k bulb)
HOT Magnum
Additional Information
CO2 supplementation injected into a reactor. Timer set so that lights are on 10 hours a day. Potassium supplied mainly through Flourish Potassium, NO3 through KNO3, PO4 through KH2PO4, and iron/micronutrients through Kent.
Anubias barteri var. nana, Bacopa caroliniana, Blyxa aubertii, Glossostigma elatinoides, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Heteranthera zosterifolia, Hydrotriche hottoniiflora, Hygrophila difformis, Lobelia cardinalis 'small form', Ludwigia repens, Micranthemum umbrosum, Rotala macrandra, and Rotala wallichii.
Pterophyllum scalare, Microgeophagus ramirezi, Hemigrammus rhodostomus, Paracheirodon axelrodi, Corydoras metae, Otocinclus sp., ramshorn snails, and ghost shrimp.
Small piece of driftwood.