#61: 8316L Pond: Revitalizing Endangered Species
Adam William Kindl, Milford Delaware USA | E-mail: lindl at bellatlantic.net
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Awards and Judge Comments

Second Place

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
457 x 305 x 61 cm (1.8e+02 x 1.2e+02 x 24 in)
8316L (2200 gallons)
Biological + Mechanical Filtration
Additional Information
The 14x10' ecosystem is framed with an irregular stone walkway and patio. The pond receives some shade from the patio pergola and wisteria vine. No harsh chemicals have ever been or will be used in this natural ecosystem. Wildlife includes native birds, bullfrogs, fish, and the occasional snake.
Revitalizing Endangered Species
1. Myriophyllum aquaticum, 2. Nymphaea 'Lily Pons', 3. Cyperus papyrus, 4. Hibiscus, 5. Ludwigia pepliodes, 6. Iris laevigata, 7. Eichhornia crassipes
1. Shubunkin, 2. Calico
1. River boulders 12"-18"
2. River gravel 3/4"-3"
3. River pea gravel