Entry #71: 378L Aquatic Garden: Sleepy Hollow
James Hoftiezer, Boiling Springs SC USA | E-mail: JAMESHOFTIEZER at CHARTER.NET | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Best of ShowFirst Place

An impressive decoration, the colour contrast is perhaps a bit too much


Nice use of depth in an unusually shaped tank. This tank is a clear example that it is possible to light even a deep tank with limited surface area adequately. The plant growth is vibrant... Which is my major complaint with the layout. Red plants are lovely, and you clearly grow them well. But they should be accents, and not allowed to dominate the aquascape. This much red is a bit overwhelming.


This entry leaves me breathless and groping for superlatives. Stunning. Amazing arrangement for a difficult tank shape. Congratulations. 'Nuff said.


A beautiful, healthy tank. The placement of the E. stellata is perfect for drawing the eye to that area of the tank. Try and intermix some greens amongst the different reds in the tank. Also, some taller grass-like plants could replace one of the groups of stem plants to give some contrast. Very nice tank.


Aquascape Details

Tank Size 91 x 61 x 64 cm (36 x 24 x 25 in)
Volume 378L (100 gallons)
Background None
Lighting 343w (2x 55w 5300k, 4x 55w 6400k, 1x 13w Dark Blue)
Filtration 1xEheim 2028, 1xEheim 2228
Pressurized CO2 using DIY reactor and PH controller on a 10lb cylinder. DIY fertilization with heavy trace/iron supplement.
Title Sleepy Hollow
Plants Alteranthera.Reineckii v. "Roseafolia", Limenophila.sessiliflora (Ambulia), Anubias.Congensis, Eusteralis.Stellata, Glososistigma.Elatinoides, Hygrophila.polysperma v."Tropica Sunset", Lobelia.cardinalis (dwarf form), Ludwigia.Arcuata (Needle), Ludwigia.repens x."Palustris" (Red), Hemianthus.Micranthemoides (Pearlweed), Rotala.Rotundifolia, Indica, Sagittaria.Subulata, Hygrophila.Corymbosa v."Stricta" (Green Temple), Hygrophila.Difformis (Water Wysteria)
Fish/Animals Batanta Island RainbowFish, Clown Loach, Clown Pleco, Otto, Rasbora Het, SAE
100% Flourite Substrate(~220lb). Most of the driftwood is actually raw cork bark with one piece of grapewood.