Entry #122: 208L Aquatic Garden
Charles Yu, San Francisco CA USA
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice looking tank! The plants are growing well and are arranged in good areas. At this point though the linear shape of the plantings lacks interest. Try re-arranging the groups into shapes other than a rectangle. Triangles and ovals work well and will give an overlapping of species that creates a lot more interest. Given some time for everything to grow in and planting groups to be reshaped this could be an excellent aquascape.

Phil Edwards

Attractive, healthy tank which could be improved with some interest in the mid ground and some judicious pruning of the stem plants.

Karen Randall

There are only fore- and background. Middle ground design is necessary.

Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Tank Size 122 x 33 x 46 cm (48 x 13 x 18 in)
Volume 208L (55 gallons)
Lighting 110 Watts Power Compact 5600 Kelvins
Filtration Eheim 2226, 2 powerheads
CO2 1 bubble per second from 5lb cylinder
Plants Glossostigma elatinoides, Microsorum pteropus, Rotala rotundiflora, Bacopa monnieri, Alternanthera reineckii, Didiplis diandra, Anubias barteri, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Heteranthera zosterifolia
Fish/Animals Angelfish, Albino Corydoras, Guppies, Cardinal Tetras, Siamese Algae Eaters,
Driftwood on left, mix of Seachem Onyx and Flourite as substrate