#131: 200L Aquatic Garden: my sunk garden
Arik Cohen, Rishon Lezion Israel | E-mail: morcarmy at 012.net.il
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Awards and Judge Comments

The angles of the photographs make it hard to judge this aquascape. Everything looks healthy, but it all needs a good trimming. The Eichornia and Aponogeton madagascarensis both need to be moved farther back.

Phil Edwards

I like the big rock ledge, and the "grass" atop it. But it feels as if it needs a darker, more somber approach to the area below the "cliff" There is a little too much color just for color's sake in this tank.

Karen Randall

The cutting edge of the driftwood looks unnatural. It should be covered with the moss. The plants condition looks nice.

Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
100 x 40 x 50 cm (39 x 16 x 20 in)
200L (53 gallons)
black papar outside tank
4*39w T5 + 2*30w T8
ehaim 2217
my sunk garden