#83: 302L Aquatic Garden: 80 Gallon Community Plant Tank
Scott Davidson, Phoenix Arizona USA | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Excellent low maintenance aquarium. No doubt the customers are impressed with the display. This tank's best quality is the open space for the fish to swim about. The aquarist looks to have taken the fish into account as well as the plants which is especially important with discus. The foreground and background needs to fill in a lot. It looks like they were recently thinned/trimmed or planted. Make sure to leave some open room for the discus to peck food on the substrate. The stand of crypts in the front could be moved back some from the glass to keep them from crowding the front of the tank.
I hope that discus is ok, it looks awfully thin and stressed out in the picture. It's not usually a good idea to show a close up picture with a less than healthy fish in it. It's alright to minimize the poor aspects of an aquarium while maximizing the best in a competition like this. I'd love to see this tank next year after it's had time to mature.

Phil Edwards

More accents are necessary for the layout. More plants in the fore- and background.

Takashi Amano

What a nice display in a shop! The tank is clean and bright, but would benefit from some pretty stem plants growing up behind your central wood and moss. While it looks like you have attempted some foreground planting, you need to give these plants some time to grow in.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
122 x 46 x 51 cm (48 x 18 x 20 in)
302L (80 gallons)
Painted Black
330 watts of VHO
Sump with mechanical filter
Additional Information
CO2 injection, PH controller, 5 ml of K+ every three days, 3 ml of Flourish once a week
80 Gallon Community Plant Tank
Cryptcoryne, Java Fern, Java Moss, Sagataria, Anubias, Crinum
Discus, Congo Tetras, Sidthmunki Loaches, Siamese Algae Eaters, Algae Eating Shrimp
Flourite gravel bed, Malaysian Driftwood, River Rocks