#119: 182L Aquatic Garden: Garden of green octopus
Tamara Davidova, Yalta Ukraina
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Awards and Judge Comments

Quite an attractive display of plants, though the design falls apart a bit on the left. while I like the use of flat rocks, it would not distract they eye so much if they weren't bright white. Unfortuantely, your fish are hanging at the water surface, with clamped fins, looking for air. That is not a good thing.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
125 x 31 x 47 cm (49 x 12 x 19 in)
182L (48 gallons)
4х 36 W DL
I do not want use becose I do not need filtration in this type of tank!
Additional Information
. I think that I have good balance plants and animals in my tanks thats why I have not noise of filtr at the night in my flat.
Garden of green octopus
1 .Limnophila aquatica 2.Echinodorus urugvayensis 3.Anubias nana 4.Cryptocoryna lutea 5.Bacopa monnieri 6.Rotala rotundifolia. 7.Vallisneria spiralis 8.Lemna minor 9.Stratiotes aloides
Family of Macropodus opercularis Ancistrus dolychopterus Ampularia australis Melanoides sp Planorbis cornuta
White rocks