#10: 91L Aquatic Garden: Mizu Ikebana
Roy Deki, Chandler AZ USA | E-mail: thedekis at aol.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Second Place

Lovely design, carefully planned and beautifully executed.

Karen Randall

Even though the tank holds 24 gallons it's only 18 inches long, and you did a good job using the space. I have only one coment to make. The Blyxa aubertii is a tall plant but it has color that can be used not only to add even more depth to your layout but contrast as well. If the plants was next to the Rotala spp. the back ground will change for better I think, and a dense group of Cryptocorine are placed where the B aubertiiis is will make the tank look so much better! I don't mean to teaching you! I just see a great layout that can be kept for a long time just looking better and better.

Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
46 x 46 x 46 cm (18 x 18 x 18 in)
91L (24 gallons)
72 watts power compact 6700k
Sponge filter with powerhead
Additional Information
Pressurized co2 @ 2 bps...Flourite substrate with Silica sand foreground
Mizu Ikebana
Blyxa Aubertii, Blyxa japonica, Mini moss, Crypt petchii, Anubia nana, Rotala rotundifolia, Christmas moss.
40 Cherry red shrimp, 6 Amano shrimp and 20 Boraras maculata.
Hardscape is manzanita branches and locally collected rocks