#129: 284L Aquatic Garden: Dutch East Passage
Mike Senske, Houston TX USA | E-mail: msenske at aquariumdesigngroup.com | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Another beautiful melding of East and West design. Nice use of rocks and color. I would like it better, I think, without the branch braking the water surface. I also would prefer to see fish that make a bit more of a statemet in such a lovely tank.

Karen Randall

An amazing open aquarium! And with an appropriate name, too... I'm not too sure, though, that the relative thin roots are adding to the positive side of this layout.

Ole Pedersen

This is a good example of an American tank most of us in this country, have some how the influence of both styles. The use of the rocks and driftwood show the designers skills. The plants are in perfect condition and the fish selection is good. Congratulations!

Luis Navarro

Top notch planting skill and water condition. An interesting idea of the west meets east!

George Lo

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
122 x 46 x 61 cm (48 x 18 x 24 in)
284L (75 gallons)
Black poster board
3- 150 HQI halogen, 4- 65 watt power compact fluorescent
2- Eheim 2217
Additional Information
ADA Lily Pipe filter inflow and outflow, with outflow Lily Pipe raised at night (lights off) for aeration.
Dutch East Passage
Marsilea minutia, Cryptocoryne "lucens", Cryptocoryne ponterdefolia, Glossostigma elatanoides, Eleocharis acicularis, Java Moss, Rotala rotundifolia "green", Didiplis diandra, Eusteralis sp., Ludwigia repens, Ludwigia arcuata, Hygrophila sp., Polygonum sp. "pink", Ludwigia Cuba, Limnophila aromaticoides, Anubias lancelota
Danio sp.
ADA Tourmaline BC, Penac W, Penac P, ADA Power Sand SPECIAL M, ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia normal type, Texas fossil stone, branchy driftwood (origin unknown).