#22: 325L Aquatic Garden
Martin Strezov, Sofia Bulgaria | E-mail: discus at club-35.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Beautiful tank, beautifully presented. I think it could be improved with driftwood tha was a little less bulky, and not placed so vertically. While I like the soft touch of the Limnophilla, it would be nice to see it echoed elsewhere in the tank. As it stands now, it draws the eye to the right end of the tank and out.

Karen Randall

Good, clean healthy is my first impression, the tank doesn't need much to look good, the planted tank was designed for a long term. One comment only, the foreground is inconsitent and I think it will be best to have a complete foreground using a short plant like Marsilea minuta? this way the tank foreground to middle to background section be well defined. The stem plants personaly I don't think they belong to such nice layout but if you most try adding a few ore bunches in the back.

Luis Navarro

A good layout with luxuriant plant growth. However, in order to achieve a better feeling of depth its creator could try and allocate some open space and use some of the smaller foreground plants there.

Ole Pedersen

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
130 x 50 x 50 cm (51 x 20 x 20 in)
325L (86 gallons)
6x36 T8
1x1850 L/h SACHEM Marathon UV-lamp
Additional Information
CO2 System
Microsorium pteropus Windelov , Microsorium pteropus narrow, Microsorium pteropus,Eleocharis, Anubias barteri var. nana,Limnophilia,Java Moss,Bolbitis heudelotii .
Rasbora hengeli Meinken,Ancistrus,Neocaridina
rocks, driftwood.