#28: 397L Aquatic Garden: Virgin Slopes
Cheng Chi Fai Eric, Hong Kong China | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

This is a soft, serene, tranquil layout. Some driftwood or visible rockwork (we're told that there ARE rocks, but we can't see them) might give it a little more ability to catch and hold the viewer's eye.

Karen Randall

BINGO! Absolute high class - but I don't understand what the three Blyxas are doing in the front of the layout? Removing them would add to the perfect look of this layout.

Ole Pedersen

The 2 sections are well done, and the background enhances the rocks very well! but the moss seems sligthly dirty. The foreground looks good, the bunches of Blyxa spp. close to the front are distracting, but the composition is good.

Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
150 x 53 x 55 cm (59 x 21 x 22 in)
397L (105 gallons)
Arcadia 3series HQI 150w X 3
Hydor P30 X 3
Additional Information
substater.. 1.ADA aqua soil amazoma 9L x 9. 2.ADA power sand special L x 2. liguid fertilizer... 1.TMG. 2.ADA brighty K. 3.ADA eca. 4.Seachem Flourish iron.
Virgin Slopes
1.Blyxa novogineensis.2.Eleocharis acicularis.3.Hemianthus callitichoides'Cuba'4.Taxiphyllum barbieri sp.5.crytcoryne undulata.
1.Hasemania nana 2.Siamese Algae Eater 3.Neocaridina sp.4.Caridina huananensis
6 pcs Oukouseki rocks