#29: 260L Aquatic Garden: My first underwater world
Schilke Alexander, Stuttgart Baden Württemberg Germany | E-mail: alex161080 at arcor.de
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Awards and Judge Comments

This tank is hard to assess because we see it in bits and pieces. In the main photo, we can't see the foreground planting at all, and in the photo where we CAN see the foreground planting (even if too small to really judge fairly) the back ground plants are at a different stage of growth. Part of the challenge of preparing a tank for a contest like this is to get all areas of the tank to peak together. We can't see whether this challenge was met in this tank. It looks like a very nice tank, but we can't tell for certain HOW nice it is.

Karen Randall

Your stem plants are nice! work on the trimming you can make this tank look much better by creating more solid plant groups.

Luis Navarro

If it's your first underwater world, you should pursue your talent and try a few more. This is a very good first try. You could achieve a better score if you succeeded in keeping a better control with some the fast-growing species. Make sure that they appear in groups.

Ole Pedersen

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
121 x 46 x 64 cm (48 x 18 x 25 in)
260L (69 gallons)
Blue Papier
T5 4x54W Arcadia Plant Pro
Eheim Provessionel II 2026
Additional Information
C02: 2 bubbles/sec, Fertilization: Ferrdrakon, Ferrdrakon K
My first underwater world
8 Eusteralis stellata (Pogostemon stellata), 10 Glossostigma elatinoides, 2 Proserpinaca palustris Cuba, 11 Rotala macrandra, 1 Bacopa monieri, 3 Bacopa caroliniana, 5 Cyptocoryne wenedtil, 9 Ludwia repens, 6 Heteranthera zosteraefolia, 7 Tonina fluviatilis, 4 Tang
Cheirodon axelrodi, Apistogramma ramirezi,Crossocheilus siamensis, Caridina japonica.
15kg Dennerle Deponit-Mix, 50kg Dennerle Quartz pebbles, Driftwoods