#50: 4000L Aquatic Garden: After the sunset
Oliver Knott, Eppingen Germany | E-mail: info at oliver-knott.com | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Second Place

I would like to say that even though I am not a big fan of anything artificial, but the size of the tank and the quality of plants and fish, make this not as important. The designer skill to blend the wall with this layout is extraordinary. One comment is that plant no. 5 is so big that is competing with the right section where the "three" is placed. may be thining some leaves will enchance the look of the tank.

Luis Navarro

Planted discus tanks are always a hit among visitors to a living room that has one. This one is no exception, I guess. However, in order to score higher, I would suggest reducing the use of artificial decoration (background and trunk).

Ole Pedersen

Gorgeous tank! Now, if it just housed some beautiful naturally colored discus instead of these red guys, it would be just about perfect!

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
400 x 100 x 100 cm (1.6e+02 x 39 x 39 in)
4000L (1058 gallons)
Aftifical background
Lightning: 16 x 54 Watt T5, 4 x 39 Watt T5, 4 x 24 Watt T5, Time: 11 hours
Sand filter system
Additional Information
PH: 7.20, KH: 6, GH: 8, Temperature: 28 Celsius, CO²: 3-4 bubbles second, daily liquid fertilizer: 80ml Tropica Master Grow daily, after waterchange iron tabs
After the sunset
1=Marsilea hirsuata, 2=Cryptocoryne albida/ Cryptocoryne wendtii "Tropica"/Cryptocoryne lucens/Cryptocoryne wendtii "Brown", 6=Echinodorus uruguayensis, 5=Echinodorus "Rubin",3=Echinodorus martii, 4=Echinodorus bleheri, 8=Crinum calamistratum , 7=Microsorium pteropus/Microsorium "windelov"/Anubias barteri var. Nana, 9=Eichhornia crassipes
10 Discus Marlboro , 5 Discus Pigeon Blood , 5 Discus Sanke Skin, 50 Siamensis, ca. 70 Ottocinclus sp. "Negro" , 100 Neritina natalensis
Artificial decoration (wood and stones), different fertilized substrate, black gravel