#66: 88L Aquatic Garden
Robert Y.C. Lau, Honolulu Hawaii USA | E-mail: laur007 at hawaii.rr.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Your arrangement is attractive but, at least for my tastes, you have over done the bronze plants. I prefer to see red plants used as accents rather than the main event. The Ammannia, while a beautiful plant, is also a little coarse looking used in this quantity in a tank of this size. You are using Didiplis in the tank already, and that is a much more delicate plant with a lovely naturaly growth pattern. Why not replace one of your stands sof Ammannia with that?

Karen Randall

You have one beautiful tank! the 2 section are well done, maybe the right section need to be a little more dense. The left side is just fine the only problem I can see ids the Ammania spp. close to the left foreground, to me, it just don't belong there.

Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
76 x 30 x 38 cm (30 x 12 x 15 in)
88L (23 gallons)
Coralife 65 watt X 2 Compact fluorescent
Fluyal 204
Additional Information
Pressurized C02, 80% Water changes Weekly, substrates(Flora Base, poting mix)
Didipis Diandra, Anubias Nana, Singapore Moss,Cryptocoryne Wendtii bronze, Rotala Indica, Ammannia Senegaleniss, Hemmianthus Callitrichoides
Amber Tetra X 5, Neon Tetra X 8 and 3 Guppy.
Asian driftwood