#73: 473L Aquatic Garden: Summer time
Jojo Raquel, Honolulu HI USA | E-mail: tlcfj60 at hotmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

You have my respect for keeping such long Riccia spp. carpet. The look of your lay out is refreshing and I am sure you get complements all the time. I think you push plants back a little too much, the middle section is too crowd, maybe having taller plants will enhance it more. When the plants in the middle to back section grow more the whole look of your tank will change for good! Most of the plants ain the back are slow growers so I hope to see it again. The convenience of having this layout is that in the future you can change the foregrond without making much changes in the back.

Luis Navarro

A great use of Riccia as "lawn" in this aquarium. Well done indeed. I would, however, suggest that the various species were planted a bit more in groups. This would provide a more balanced impression.

Ole Pedersen

Beautiful tank with some lovely diagonal lines developing. I think some taller plants in both back corners would give the tank a slightly more finished appearance... as it is, it gives me the feeling that it needs a few more weks to mature. The riccia lawn is beautifully done, and though we know this is not a long-term ground cover, the way it is used it would be easy to replace it with something more sustainable at a later date. Nice job!

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
183 x 46 x 53 cm (72 x 18 x 21 in)
473L (125 gallons)
black paint
4X110w VHO (2-aquasun 2-tricomatic)
2 magnum 350
Additional Information
pressurized co2 diffused by DIY CO2 reactor.
Summer time
Riccia, Java fern, micranthemum micranthemodies, rotala indica, blood stargrass, anubias nana, narrow leaf hygrophilia
rummynose tetras,cardinal tetras, african fire barbs, otocinculus
african roots, driftwood, aquatic pond soil