#10: 110L Aquatic Garden: Dario garden
Zoe Arden Stevens-Lavigne, Ottawa Ontario Canada | E-mail: zoestevenslavigne at hotmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

There are hints of wanting to be a scape, but there is a lot of disorder. You have the start of a sloping background and an open area for a foreground. I would try to simplify your plant list a little and grow them out a bit more. Get a bit more aggressive with your hardscape and make it be part of the scape instead of looking like an afterthought. The foreground could use some low growing plants like Marsilea.

Tony Gomez

Attractive home for your Badis.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
61 x 56 x 46 cm (24 x 22 x 18 in)
110L (29 gallons)
2 x 65W Coralife compact fluorescent
Eheim Classic 2213 Aquaclear 50 with filter floss
Additional Information
Two DIY CO2 reactors
Dario garden
Rose Sword Blyxa Japonica Dwarf Chain Sword Sunset Hygro Red Frill Anubias V Nana Baby Tears Java Moss Java Sword Ludiwigia sp.
8 Scarlet badis 3 Juvenile black angelfish 5 Otocinclus 1 Freshwater clam
Fluorite substrate, one large piece of driftwood.