#104: 125L Aquatic Garden: Mother Microsorium
George Farmer, England | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

would improve greatly if rear right corner was hidden-distracting

Edward Tootell

Very nice, simple tank with just-right fish. Nice job!

Karen Randall

The sag, glosso, anubias and fern go together very nicely and cleanly. The crinum reminds me of "that guy" who sneaks into the background of your photos. I actually didn't notice it till I looked at this tank on another day. A little hardscape creaping out into the foreground will add a nice contrast and breaks the overpowering green and may help "shrink" the slightly oversized fern.

Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
81 x 36 x 51 cm (32 x 14 x 20 in)
125L (33 gallons)
Black laminate
4 x T8 18w 6500K - 10 hours
Juwel Compact H internal (600lph)
Additional Information
Estimative Index (EI) fertilisation, Dennerle Deponit and black quartz substrate, pressurized CO2, 1/2 water change per week
Mother Microsorium
Microsorium pteropus, Anubias barteri var. nana, Crinum calimistratum, Sagittaria platyphylla, Glossostigma elatinoides
Paracheirodon axelrodi (25), Caridina multidentata (10)
Bogwood (hidden under fern)