#127: 125L Aquatic Garden: Nature is bleeding
Leroy Michaël, Bruyères le Châtel France | E-mail: hxhkirua91 at hotmail.fr
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Awards and Judge Comments

I have mixed feelings on this tank. The color composition is lovely. An odd growing use of the repens but the colors bite at you. The reason I am mixed, is that when I look at the tank as a whole it feels a bit messy with the sag and nanjenshan, but when I blur my eyes or look from afar, it as a very "painting" like quality to it.

Tony Gomez

You have some good things going on in your tank, but the Ludwigia, while brilliant, is also a little overpowering. Try using color more as an accent than as the show-stealer.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
80 x 35 x 45 cm (31 x 14 x 18 in)
125L (33 gallons)
white panel
2x18W T8 (10,000K & 4,000K) + 2x24W T5 (4,000K)
Eheim 2213
Additional Information
Heating: 100W, substrate. Fertilizer: Dennerle S7 VitaMix + Dennerele V30 + Dennerele E15. Dosed once per week. Water Change: 20% per week. CO2: JBL Set Easy 2 - 500g bottle (1 bps).
Nature is bleeding
1:Nesaea crassicaulis, 2:Ludwigia repens 'Rubin', 3:Microsorum pteropus, 4:Rotala sp 'Green', 5:Sagittaria subulata, 6:Cryptocroyne wendtii 'Brown', 7:Glossostigma elatinoides, 8:Rotala sp 'Nanjenshan'.
Paracheirodon axelrodi (cardinal tetras)x 20, Sphaerichthys osphromenoides (chocolate gourami) x3, nannostomus eques (pencilfish) x5, Otocinclus affinis x3, Crossocheilus siamensis x2, and Cardinia japonica.
Substrate: Deponit mix Dennerle + Black quartz. Driftwood.