#42: 30L Aquatic Garden: Caridina's House
Ly Olivier, Stattmatten France
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Awards and Judge Comments

Lovely tank. Good trimming technique.

Karen Randall

There are two small things that bug me in this tank (and a lot that doesn't!). The HC growing up the front of the glass and the unevenness of the left rotala trimming. I will preface that by saying in your full tank shots with lights, everything balances out well. In fact, I'd say that from the slight side angle, your tank is significantly more appealing to my eyes. Not all tanks view the best head on.

Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
40 x 25 x 30 cm (16 x 9.8 x 12 in)
30L (8 gallons)
1*15W 4200K JBL 1*15W 6500K Life Glo 1*15W 10000K JBL
Unimax PRO 150 External Filtration
Additional Information
Fertilization : Dennerle A1 and Algoflash industrial CO2 : 1 bull/2secondes
Caridina's House
Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba, Rotala Rotundifolia, Ludwigia Arcuata, Riccia Fluitans, Vesicularia Dubyana.
15 Caridinas Multidentata
Substrate : Tetra Plant,black quartz.