#56: 151L Aquatic Garden: Passion
Roy H. Deki, Chandler AZ USA | E-mail: thedekis at aol.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Pretty tank, but I am not sure I like the B. aubertii used in this position. Too bad there was a bit of haze in your water on the day the photo was taken too.

Karen Randall

This is a very "safe" scape (I've done this myself). Everything is done with the plants in well defined groups. You have a traditional 2 mount scape drawing you to what could have been a potentially empty valley (marred by a chunk of wood) with hardscape material placed in a way that looks "just because I needed some wood and rock". With the exception of the valley, the hardscape isn't offensive, but it isn't adding. Try using a bit more rock and (smaller) wood, integrating it within your plants. Also play with sloping the substrate higher in the back and lower in the front and also lower to the focal valley.

Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
91 x 46 x 41 cm (36 x 18 x 16 in)
151L (40 gallons)
Black mat
Coralife 96 watt power compact 6700k
Aquaclear 70 HOB
Additional Information
Pressurized co2 @ 3bps
Java fern, Ludwigia brevipes, Crypt. ponterderiifolia, Blyxa aubertii, Blyxa japonica, E. tenellus, Anubias nana, Glossostigma
Cardinal tetras, S.A.E., Otocinclus, Limia negrofaciatus,
ADA Power Sand Special, ADA Aquasoil, Malaysian driftwood, locally collected rocks