#83: 25L Aquatic Garden: The sense of the garden
Elio Fabbrini, Loc. Strettoia Pietrasanta (LU) Italy | E-mail: aquasys12 at hotmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Lovely tank! If I could make a change, it would be to get the hair grass out of the HC and trim the rotala to get it to grow lower and bushier.

Karen Randall

This scape has a strong foundation, but it reminds me of a scape forgotten and allowed to grow wild for a bit too long. The rotala also feels too forward and leggy.

Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
30 x 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 x 12 in)
25L (7 gallons)
2 PL 18W CH Lighting
Hidor 10
Additional Information
All line Seachem + Plant nutrition (Tropica) + NO3 e PO4 make in house.
The sense of the garden
Rotala green, Moss, Eleocharis acicularis, Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba", Majaca fluviatilis, Pogostemon helferi.
15 Micro Rasbora, Caridinia Japonica
Substrate Ada power sand, Ada Soil Amazonia, Bacter 100