#101: 408L Aquatic Garden: Whisper of Medusa 美杜莎的耳語
Chow Wai Sun, Hong Kong China | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

This tank has potential, but it needs better trimming and shaping. The stem plants, particularly those on the left grow straight up and look awkward. Also, there are at least 4 species of plant, all bunched together, with no definition. On the left, the Microsorum nees to be thinned out and trimmed back a bit so that it doesn't doesn't unbalance the aquascape so much.

Karen Randall

Clever title that is very fitting with the fern leaves like small snakes! The double-island composition is interesting and effective but I find my eye darting between the two. The red stems on the left, for me, are too dominating to balance the whole layout. Otherwise, a highly commendable aquascape. Well done!

George Farmer

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
152 x 48 x 56 cm (60 x 19 x 22 in)
408L (108 gallons)
HQI 150 Watt X 2 (8 hours daily), T5HO 24 Watt X 4 (10 hours daily)
Canister filter (1,200L/hr) X 2 Biological ceramic rings, Filter foams
Whisper of Medusa 美杜莎的耳語
Echinodorus tenellus, Microsorum pteropus "Narrow", Fissidens sp., Rotala macrandra, Rotala rotundfolia(green form) Rotala wallichii Rotala macrandra(green form) Myriophyllum tuberculatum Polygonum sp.(pink form) Blyxa japonica Bolbitis heudelotii Bacopa sp.(pink form) Taxiphyllum sp. Vallisneria nana Vesicularia ferriei
Hyphessobrycon rosaceus, Hyphessobrycon megalopterus, Puntius denisoni, Otocinclus sp., Crossocheilus siamensis
ADA Amazonia, Powersand Special, ADA Nile sand