#121: 300L Paludarium: My dreaming paradise
Siu Yui-chi, shatin Hong Kong | E-mail: siubox at hotmail.com
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Aquascape Details

Tank Size
50 x 120 x 50 cm (20 x 47 x 20 in)
300L (79 gallons)
Backgroungd in water: polystyrene board made as bark texture . Above water :Beteewn the tank and the stone wall I built a 9CM deep x21cm high x115cm width plastic shelf where I put natural barks as background and together put 8 seperated amazon woods which have water drops flowing to hold plants alive.Beteewn the woods have volcanic small rocks and sand as substrate.Inside the tank at the water level there us a glass border of 8cm,I also use 3 sides of it to put some woods and plants on them to made a "paradise" feel lake.
2x150w hqi direct shining,and 2 extra from left and right side
2 out-side filtre (tetra ex120)for fitration: underwater, 1 internal filtre to pump water 55cm high above water providing water flowing and natural nutrients to the plants above water.
Additional Information
flowing water in the tank do supply enough moisture for 90 percent of the plants above water(either flowing under the substrates or drops by drops by small pipe) I only use Ada water-plants fertilizer,so there do not have any Algae problems for more than have a year. Only a several plants need extra care for watering. Because I use the inner border of the tank ( just at water level)to keep plants above water ,there is shadow at behind in the tank ,I have to put water plants need little light at back.But look down from the top, it have a lake side-feel. co2 system with bubbles 5-7/sec
My dreaming paradise
underwater plants 1(紅柳)Ammannia gracilis 2 (莫絲)Vesicularia dubyana 3(珍珠草)Hemianthus micranthemoides 4(紅蝴)Rotala macronlica 5(日本簣藻)Blyxa japonica 6 (湖柳)Hygrophila lacustris 7(尖葉皇冠)eCHINODORUS LATIFILUS. 8(紅唇丁香) Ludwigia sp form Genia 9(鐵皇冠)Microsorium pteropus 10(綠尾松) Mayaca fluviatilis 11(香香草)Hydrocotyle leucocephala 12(鹿角矮珍珠)Ranunculus papulentus 13(矮珍珠)Glossostigma elatinoides 14(你矮珍珠)Hemianthuscallitrichoides 15(細葉鐵皇冠)Microsorium pteropus ssp 16(大水芹)Cerpteris cornuta 17(虎耳草)Bacopa caroliniana 18(印度小圓葉)Rotala indica 19(紫荷根) nuphar lutea var. 20(雪花草)Hottonia inflate` above water 1 (水車前)Ottelia alismoides 2(蕨)various ferns e.g.(鳳尾蕨)pteris mutifida 3(田字草)Marsilea minuta 4(薛荔)Ficus pumila 5(天胡荽)Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides 6(白鶴芋/白掌)Spathiphyllum --white 8(武竹)Asparagus densiflorus 9(野芋)Alocasia odora 10(鐵線蕨)Adiantum capillus-veneris 11(藍星花)Bule daze Oxypetalum caeruleum 12(紅姬鳳梨)Cryptanthus acaulis 13(紅掌) Anthurium andraeaum 14(紫竹梅)Setcreasea purpureaBoom(PurpleSetcreasea) 15(柔蘭)UNKNOW 16(烏蕨)Stenoloma chusanum 17(棉紅斑葉毬蘭)Hoya carnosa
fishes 12 (紅連燈)Paracheirodon axelrodi a drozen( 小精靈) Otocinclus affinis 4(黑線飛狐E) Palzeorhinchus siamensis 6(粉紅旗) Hyphessobrycon hyphessobrycon sp. 10 small golden carp various small species shrimps
under-water 8 cm thick ada 2nd generation black soil underwater, 20 cm width Ada bright sand decorate as stream,6 amazon woods to have mosses and plant on them, 15 small rocks decorated as border of the white stream.