#152: 125L Aquatic Garden
Robert Yueng Chung Lau, Honolulu Hawaii USA | E-mail: laur007 at hawaii.rr.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nicely maintained aquascape, but it could be improved with a little more variety in leaf stricture. It is a little "spikey" looking all over. The flow would also be better without the abrupt "stop" of the two vertical groups of stem plants. The empty space in the center makes a hard rectagle. Try trimming them into a little more graceful shape.

Karen Randall

Some additional transitional elements from the short Eriocaulon to the tall stems would improve things. Consider cleaning your aquarium glass prior to photography.

George Farmer

In a healthy tank, the stem plantings in the back corners will need trimming every 4 or 5 days. That means that plant stubs will dominate the background for a week or more. This lack of sustainability enters into the viewing experience and is a cosideration in our judging. Add other types of plants to the background to carry the 'scape through this period. Add midground plants to hide the bare legs of the taller stems. The rocks look like an afterthought. Why so much open space? This is a contest in aquascaping not fishkeeping . Use that space to get creative with plants and hardscape.

Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
76 x 41 x 41 cm (30 x 16 x 16 in)
125L (33 gallons)
T5 39/w x6
Fluval 404
Additional Information
Pressurizer Co2, Water Changes Weekly 80%.
Ludwigia'Cuba", Eriocaulon Cinereum, Pogostemon Helferi, Rotala sp.
15 Cardinal Tetra, 6 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 pea Puffer, 2 Apistogramma Borelli
Substrate: Flora Base, Poting mix and Laterite. Decorative Materials: petrified wood.