#157: 1600L Aquatic Garden: Vasque asiatique
Bonetti Pascal, Meyieu Rhône-Alpes France
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Awards and Judge Comments

I like your foreground, but unfortunately, there seems to be nothing between it and the plants high up in the back of the tank. It may be that there are plants we can't see in the dimly lit areas, but the deep shadows predominate. Putting some large rocks and/or wood just in front of that area, to hide these deep shadows would help tremendously.

Karen Randall

Very impressive, especially considering no CO2 injection or liquid fertilisation. The layout is well-balanced with effective foreground and background, althought the upper part of the aquarium appears a little wild. It's pity much of the midground is so dark, but these are minor point to an otherwise very commendable layout. Well done!

George Farmer

The soil mounted on both left and rights side looks unnatural. I believe as a theory, people feel easy when the foreground is leveled. I see the roughness in the background plants. They should be trimmed neatly.

Takashi Amano

With this much space, it takes a whole new language of scale, foreign to most of us, to compose a successful presentation as this. Once again, a layout is defined by "empty space" Note the sandy open area. Imagine the aquascape without it.

Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
250 x 75 x 85 cm (98 x 30 x 33 in)
1600L (423 gallons)
Black background
3 x 250W HQI
Décantation externe
Additional Information
No CO2 and no fertilization.
Vasque asiatique
1.Pogostemon helferii, 2.Cryptocoryne spp.,3.Anubias barteri, 4.Microsorum pteropus,5.Eusteralis stellata.
Puntius denisonii x 11, Trichogaster trichopterus x 6, Trigonostigma espei x 100, Caridina multidentata x 30, Crossocheilus siamensis x 6, Ancistrus sp. x 12.
Rocks = granit, driftwood, substrate = JBL aquabasis.