#163: 180L Aquatic Garden: The World of the Phantoms
Vasiliy B.Nikolaev, Moscow Moscow Russia
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice tank with attractive leading lines. I also love your inclusion of the hatchet fish for surface interest. Unfortunatley, there was a decided haze to the water when you took your photos, and the very obviously placed equipment relly distracts the eye from the aquascape.

Karen Randall

What an attractive softly textured layout! The wood composition is very good and there's just the right amount of red planting. Your pruning technique is superb and it appears you've photographed at just the right time. Consider removing all of the equipment for your next photo shoot... Very well done!

George Farmer

The presence of aquarium equipment detracted from an otherwise charming display.

Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
100 x 40 x 50 cm (39 x 16 x 20 in)
180L (48 gallons)
4X39 Wt T5 2x Spesial Plant, 2x Amazon Day by DENNERLE
Eheim Professional II 2028
Additional Information
Deponit Mix, Quartz gravel, A1, V30, E15, PlantaGold by DENNERLE; CO2 system: 2 bubles per sec(ceramic reactor)
The World of the Phantoms
1.Cryptocoryne sp., 2.Cryptocoryne wendtii ''brown'', 3.Hemianthus micranthemoides, 4.Microsorum sp., 5.Riccia fluitans, 6.Rotala indica, 7.Rotala rotundifolia ''green'', 8.Vesicularia dubyana
Megalamphodus sweglesi, Megalamphodus magalopterus, Carnegiella strigata strigata, Otocinclus vittatus, Caridina Japonica
driftwood, lava stones