#175: 18L Aquatic Garden: Cristal lake
Slobodan Lazarevic, Belgrade-Zemun Serbia Serbia | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Fantastic use of hardscape to create a tiny world that looks so inviting! I see what you are trying to acheive with the 'crystal lake' in the centre and it's very clever indeed. The plants are almost secondary in this layout but this does nothing to distract from the overall great impression. The fish almost seem alien as it looks so much like a landscape. Amazing work. Well done!

George Farmer

Painstakingly designed layout with fantastic rockwork makes the tank appear much larger than its 5 gallon size. Some of the plats used, such as the Heteranthera and Proserpinaca ae, at best, temporary, since both are fast growing stem plants. But the effect at this point in time is stunning. As I said to another person in the contest though, with such good basic aquascaping technique, there is no need for "gimmicky" things like lakes and waterfalls. Let your good work stand for itself!

Karen Randall

What a wondrous view of a vast canyon...what? Only 5 gallons? This aquascape is a high achievement in visual depth and scale. The hardscape is a marvel. It is well balanced and successfully brings the viewer's eye back to the focal point...the white waterfall (?) in the foreground. The "lake" is, in my opinion, a bit contrived and adds little to the tank's effectiveness.

Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
38 x 22 x 22 cm (15 x 8.7 x 8.7 in)
18L (5 gallons)
Black, white, blue
LIGHTING: Arcadia Overtank Luminaire 2 x 14 W T 8 (one arcadia original tropical and one Arcadia freshwater lamp) Photoperiod : 10:00 1 x ORIGINAL TROPICAL 14W ON 12:00 1 x ARCADIA FRESHWATER 14W ON 14:00 2 x ARCADIA FRESHWATER 14W OFF 17:00 2 x ORIGINAL TROPICAL 14W OFF
Aquarium Systems Millennium 1000 Hang-On-Back Filter with minimal water stream
Additional Information
DIY fertilizers
Cristal lake
Riccia fluitans Pogostemon helferi Hemianthus micranthemoides Hemianthus callitrichoidec cuba Cladophora aegagrophila Eleocharis acicularis Eleocharis parvula Heteranthera zosterifolia Riccardaia graefei Vesicularia dubyana Peacock Moss - Taxiphyllum species Proserpinaca palustris
Celestichthys marginatus-celestial pearl danio 7 pcs. Caridina cf. cantonensis 'Crystal Red' 5 pcs. Caridina multidentata 2 pcs.
DIY substrate and Quarc grevel, About stone....I think it’s woodstone