#179: 75L Aquatic Garden: THE WALLEY OF SILENCE
Slobodan Lazarevic, Belgrade-Zemun Serbia Serbia | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Beautiful design, beautifully executed and presented!

Karen Randall

Beautiful layout that is very well composed and perfectly balancned. The various rock types actually work well, which is rare in aquascape. A testiment to the skill of the creator. Very well done!

George Farmer

A well executed design. On display is a good sense of balanced hardscape placement and the relationship of various shapes to each other. Although I applaud the attempt at snow-covered mountains off in the distance, it fell short. The visual depth and separation of the white rocks from the foreground was not established. Perhaps the scale of the left most snow peak is the problem. The result is that the viewer's eye is drawn to that rock and away from the more important foreground elements. This detracts from the viewing experience.

Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
65 x 32 x 36 cm (26 x 13 x 14 in)
75L (20 gallons)
Arcadia Overtank Luminaire, 4 x T5 tubes = 96 W … supplied with a mix of 2 x Marine White 14,000K 24 W lamps and 2 x T5 Plant Pro 24 W lamps. Photoperiod : 10:00 2 x Marine White 14,000K 24 W ON 12:00 2 x T5 Plant Pro 24 W ON 16:00 2 x T5 Plant Pro 24 W OFF 19:00 2 x Marine White 14,000K 24 W OFF
canister filter Eheim and Eheim filter media.
Additional Information
Parameters could vary but not significantly, due to very frequent and precise measurements I've practiced. Currently, the parameters are as follows: Fe : 0,1 – 0,2 mg/l K : 10 – 15 mg/l Ca: 20 mg/l Mg : 5 mg/l PO4 : 1 mg/l NO3 :10 mg/l KH : 3 GH : 5 pH : 6-6,5 temperature 24 - 25 ° C DIY substrate 2cm at front to 5-6 cm at the background Fertilization technique is based on very precise measurement. In accordance with a readings, it is easy to calculate is there any eventual deficiency or possible excess.... Base on those readings, it's easy to calculate how much of some compound should be added in terms of time. It is important to emphasize that all ferts should be added on a daily bases if needed.
Hemianthus micranthemoides Vesicularia dubyana Riccia fluitans Hemianthus micranthemoides Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Hemianthus callitrichoidec cuba Proserpinaca palustris Hottonia palustris Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov' Nano moss - Amblystegium serpens Heteranthera zosterifolia Eleocharis parvula
Boraras maculatus-Dwarf rasbora 11pcs. Otocinclus affinis 3 pcs. Neocaridina heteropoda var. red chery
There are 3 different types of stones. I used different types of stones in order to present my idea in best way. The idea was snow-covered mountain and green valley. For that purpose I used volcanic origin stones from a small volcanic mountain in Serbia not far from Belgrade. Also inspiration for my setup is one valley from that mountain.