#159: 13L Aquatic Garden: Mile Marker
Jeff Pogrob, Commack NY USA
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Awards and Judge Comments

Bold design, nicely done.

Karen Randall

I love the approach to this layout. I think the layout is very unique and a nice change from the mainstream approaches. The rock might be a little strong and the main line of the plants on the wood might be a little strong to be in the center of the layout.

Jason Baliban

This reminds me of the rocky cliffs in the mountains where I used to hike. It's a pretty tank and fits nicely in the location you have it.

Phil Edwards

What a cool little tank! I really like the Ophiopogon growing out of the tank. The large rock on the left overwhelms the tank some. Also, leveling the gravel in the front will keep the viewers from being distracted from this beautiful little tank.

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
30 x 18 x 24 cm (12 x 7.1 x 9.4 in)
13L (3 gallons)
2x9 Watts CF lighting (6500k/10000k)
Red Sea Nano Filter
Additional Information
Light NPK fertilization, Excel, Flourish
Mile Marker
Anubias barteri var. nana 'petite', Ophiopogon japonica, Subwassertang, Taxiplyllum sp. 'peacock moss'
Poecilia reticulata
Moss rock, Manzanita driftwood, Pool filter sand