#213: 180L Aquatic Garden: Paracheirodon´s garden
Fabiano Marcos Gobbo, Ponta Grossa Paraná Brazil | E-mail: gobboauto at terra.com.br
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Awards and Judge Comments

Oh, very nice! Lovely flowing lines, beautiful plant choices and impeccable trimming and maintenence!

Karen Randall

Beautiful tank with some nice use of different shapes and shades of color for the aquascape. A little shaping of the bunches of stems in the back would claen up and make the lines of the plants flow better. Very nicely done!

Bailin Shaw

Wow!! This layout has fantastic examples of all the plants you used. Top notch growth!

Jason Baliban

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
100 x 40 x 45 cm (39 x 16 x 18 in)
180L (48 gallons)
4x 55w (220w total)7200k
Jebo Canister
Paracheirodon´s garden
1.Anubia barteri var. nana; 2.Blyxa aubertii; 3..Didiplis diandra; 4..Eleocharis minima; 5.Hemianthus callitrichoides; 6.Hemianthus micranthemoides; 7.Heteranthera zosterifolia; 8. Ludwigia arcuata; 9.Ludwigia inclinata; 10.Micranthemum umbrosum; 11.Microsorium pteropus "Windelow"; 12.Nymphaea lotus ”Zenkeri”; 13.Rotala sp. green; 14.Rotala sp. "vietnã";: 15.Sagittaria subulata; 16.Vesicularia dubyana; 17.Vesicularia montagnei;
Neritina natalensis; Paracheirodon axelrodi;
Driftwood, rocks and sand. Tropica PlantSubstrate and Prodac FertilPlant