#22: 20L Aquatic Garden: Memorable Night
Viktor Lantos, Budapest Hungary | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Attractive layout, but your HC and Pogostemon look like they are struggling.

Karen Randall

Nice healthy tank! The beckfordi have a great environment to thrive in. Reducing the number of plants in the tank and focusing on a few species will tidy up the tank and giving it a focus.

Bailin Shaw

Nice choice of wood and plants making the layout look larger then it is. The angle created by the wood is a little unnatural.

Jason Baliban

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
36 x 22 x 26 cm (14 x 8.7 x 10 in)
20L (5 gallons)
ADA Solar Mini M 27Watt Twin Power Compact
Eheim Ecco Pro 130 external filter
Additional Information
High pressure CO2 fertilization 2 bubble per second runs daytime with the lights with glass diffuser. Daily ferilizers are ADA Brighty K, ADA Step 2, ADA ECA, Easy Carbo. 50% water change weekly with ADA Green Bacter, ADA Green Gain, ADA Phyton Git. 9 hours light period per day.
Memorable Night
Foreground - Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba", Fissidens fontanus, Vesicularia montagnei, Eleocharis parvula, Mid-ground - Microsorum pteropus "Narrow", Taxiphyllum barbieri (Vesicularia), Pogostemon Heliferi, Eleocharis parvula, Background - Didiplis diandra, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala sp. green
Nannostomus Beckfordi, Cardinal Shrimps, Otocinclus affinis
ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, ADA Power Sand Special, ADA Nile Sand, ADA Dark Iron Wood