#53: 150L Aquatic Garden: Dancing flames
Enrico Serena, Mazzano - BS Italy | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Lovely background for your Serpaes! I love the tank until we get to the E. vivipara in the back. I understand that you are trying to create some negative space, and it is properly set at 1/3, but it is so abrupt that it really pulls the eye away from the fine work you have done in front. This is a hard plant to use in this manner. With stem plants, you could trim them into a slope towed the open area. With the Eleocharis, the only thing I think you might try is varying the depth of the plants so that they are not in such a straght line across the back... perhaps curving them further forward toward the edges of the tank.

Karen Randall

I really like the right side of this layout. I think the grouping or rocks is done nicely.

Jason Baliban

A very nice aquascape. The foreground and midground of the tank are nicely done, but the background use of the E. vivapara doesn't really work as a background and needs to be blended into the midground better.

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
75 x 45 x 45 cm (30 x 18 x 18 in)
150L (40 gallons)
Gray cardboard
HQI 1 x ADA NA Lamp MH 150W "Green"
Askoll Pratiko 300
Additional Information
Fertilization: ADA Step 2, ADA Brighty K, ADA Eca, ADA Green Bacter, ADA Green Gain, ADA Phyton Git. CO2: 3 bubbles/sec.
Dancing flames
1) Glossostigma Elatinoides, 2) Riccia Fluitans, 3) Echinodorus Tenellus, 4) Blixa Japonica, 5) Eleocharis Acicularis, 6) Eleocharis Vivipara
Hyphessobrycon Serpae, Otocinclus Affinis; Caridina Japonica
Substrate: ADA Power Sand Special and ADA Amazonas II. Rocks: Dragon stones