#77: 54L Aquatic Garden: A Breezeway In The Valley
Eishi Yamamoto, Yushima Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Japan | E-mail: eishi at s8.dion.ne.jp
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Awards and Judge Comments

Second Place

The wood is brilliantly used. The size of the wood and the placement creates an open feeling. It is almost as if the wood is waving in the current. The bolbitus, while not a very natural representation, adds to the airy feeling of this layout.

Jason Baliban

This is one of my all-time most memorable tanks. Really creative, and a beautiful use of materials.

Karen Randall

Your use of moss and twigs is exceptional. I feel as though I'm looking at a much larger and older scene than I really am.

Phil Edwards

Nice composition for this tank. I like the rock hardscape in this tank. The large piece of driftwood on the left is not ideal in this tank and doesn't match the twiggy branches that dominate this aquascape.

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
60 x 30 x 36 cm (24 x 12 x 14 in)
54L (14 gallons)
ADA Aquq Garden, 60 x 30 x 36 cm Background: White paper painted light green
Meta-Hara ( ADS Solar 1) 150 watts
EHEIM 2215
Additional Information
Fertilization: Green K
A Breezeway In The Valley
Bolbitis heudilotti Java moss Japanese red cedar mountain moss
Green neon 25
Substrate: Japanese Tazuna and Negro sand ( White ) Driftwood Rocks