#80: 540L Aquatic Garden: Green Cloud II
Massimo Faberi, Villanuova sul Clisi Brescia Italy | E-mail: shalin at alice.it | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice healthy plants, but the aquascape would work better with a little more variation in color/tone. All green tanks can work well, but then there needs to be some variety in tone and/or texture. The single sprig of R. macrandra is too small and too centered to act as a good accent... Instead, it just stops the eye. I'm not sure that the random pieces of driftwood poking up out of the lawn work well either.

Karen Randall

What a vibrant tank! Try and shape the Rotala sp. green a bit more on the right side so the aquascape doesn't appear so centered in the tank and bring out some more stems of the Rotala macrandra. Nice tank!

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
60 x 150 x 60 cm (24 x 59 x 24 in)
540L (143 gallons)
6x54W T5
External filter Eheim professionel 3
Additional Information
ADA fertilization, CO2 System
Green Cloud II
Eleocharis acicularis, Echinodorus tenellus, Rotala green, Rotala macrandra, Pogostemon helferi
Pristella maxillaris, Popondetta furcata, Epalzeorhynchus Siamensis, Puntius conchonius, Ancistrus, Caridina japonica
ADA Power Sand Special L, ADA Aqua Soil-Amazonia, Mangrovia driftwoods