#85: 370L Aquatic Garden: The romance of The Three Kingdoms
Dongliang Miao, Suzhou Jiangsu China | E-mail: byrnemiao at gmail.com | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice use of open space. I like the way the driftwood lifts the Microsorum up off the bottom. The Glossostigma either needs to be grown in better or removed. Right now, it's not adding much. The stem plants in the back need another trimming or two to develop into nice full bushes.

Karen Randall

The name is very fitting for this layout. Very enchanting layout.

Jason Baliban

Interesting use of wood and rockwork. The Java fern covered wood is striking and unique. The large rock on the right does not quite fit into the flow of the tank. Good job!

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
150 x 40 x 55 cm (59 x 16 x 22 in)
370L (98 gallons)
T8 FL 36 Watt X 4 (10hrs daily)
Outer FilterX1 1200L/H
Additional Information
(English edition)Power of nature is infinite - it a miracle that lifeless stumps show her unique charm, piece of her body become a carrier of new life with exuberant vitality no matter on land or under water. (中文版)大自然的力量是无穷的,死去并被洪水冲空的树桩依然展现着他独有的魅力,虽然其已成朽木一块但它却成为了一个个新的生命的载体,无论是水中还是岸上都展现着勃勃的生机。 (日本語版)自然の力は無限です。枯れてしまってそして洪水に激しくぶつかれて、空っぽになった切り株はさらに彼ならではの魅力が現れています。朽ち木になったにもかかわらず、それは新しい生命になりました。水の中あるいは陸上では生き生きな生命力が現れている。
The romance of The Three Kingdoms
(1)Rotala rotundifolia ''colorata''红宫廷(凯罗小圆叶) (2)Riccardia chamedryfolia珊瑚莫丝 (3)Bilbitis heudelottii 黑木蕨 (4)Microsorium pteropus 细叶铁皇冠 (5)Microsorum pteropus 'Philippine'菲律宾铁皇冠 (6)Glossostigma elatinoides矮珍珠 (7)Glossostigma elatinoides莎草 (8)Rotala rotundifolia var.gontin宫廷草 (9)Ludwigia brevipes细叶水丁香(大红梅) (10)Ludwigia palustrisXrepens.丁香叶底红 (11)Taxiphyllum barbieri爪哇莫丝 (12)Vesicularia antipyetica南美三角莫丝 (13)Vallisneria nana 澳洲水兰
Inpaichthys kerri,兰帝灯 Papilochromis ramirezi, 荷兰凤凰 Otocinclus affinis,小精灵
ADA Amazonia, ADA Bright Sand