#15: 2600L Biotope Aquascape: Tanganyika dreams
Jesper Taustrup, Ryomgård Århus Denmark | E-mail: jesper.taustrup at kinnarps.dk
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Awards and Judge Comments

First Place

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
200 x 180 x 70 cm (79 x 71 x 28 in)
2600L (688 gallons)
Special made moduls from Back to Nature. http://www.backtonature.se/index.html
2 x T5 ocean white and 3 x T5 Blue light
A sump on 450 lites with HMF filter material driven by two Powerheads one 2000 l/h and the second on 3000 L/h. The powerhead on 2000 l/h pumps the water return to the first champer the second one pumps directly into the aqaurium.
Additional Information
The last image is a modulated miniature model of the custom-made Back to Nature Modules are designed for the aquarium on a scale of 1 / 10 set in a cardboard box.
Tanganyika dreams
30 Xenotilapia ornatipinnis "Burundi", 20 Cyprichomis leptosoma "Kitumba", 5 Julidochromis ornatus, 10 Lamprologus ocellatus Gold.
Rocks from all over the world and beach sand added with some gravel. Empty shells from the Tanganyika snail "Neothauma tanganyicense.