#157: 45L Aquatic Garden: Montri Bleu.
P. Walia, Osterley Middx UK | E-mail: paul_s_w at hotmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

This is a good first try, but the placement of the rocks is static and the plants are not in good condition.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
50 x 30 x 30 cm (20 x 12 x 12 in)
45L (12 gallons)
Sky blue accent canvas. Black bordered glass aquarium; thus creating a boundary for embracing the compositions completeness.
4x 55w T5 Fluorescent illūminatus. [2x Pink 8000k + 2x Blue 12000k].
Fluval G3 + bespoke CO2 and additive system.
Additional Information
As a traditional professional artistè, the challenges of working through the medium of organic matter are immense; and yet immensely rewarding. The level of environmental control and resulting impact require significant long term discipline, providing a form of living art which emphasizes a myriad of unique compositional impressions across even a single moment.
Montri Bleu.
Vesicularia dubyana. Elodea densa. Bacopa Monneri. Vallisneria spiralis. Nymphaea zenkeri red. Riccia fluitans.
12x Rasbora heteromorpha. 4x Caridina multidentata.
3x Metamorphic naturally textured Rocks. Substrate mediums:- Base layer: Red laterite. Mid layer: Silica sand fine grained. Top layer: Natural 3-5mm composition gravel.