#167: 110L Biotope Aquascape: Papuan Stream
Matthew D McGee, Davis CA USA
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Aquascape Details

Tank Size
76 x 30 x 46 cm (30 x 12 x 18 in)
110L (29 gallons)
Penn Plax "Deep Blue Sea"
x2 18W T5
Via Aqua VitaLife M200
Additional Information
Goo Obo gudgeons (Allomogurnda nesolepis) originate from streams in central Papua New Guinea. Plants are usually scarce in these streams, but Microsorum pteropus can be found submerged and growing on rocks (source: http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Plants/java-fern.html#12). The horned nerite (Clithon corona) and its close relatives are also found in fast-flowing stream in PNG, the Phillipines, and Indonesia (source: distribution map from http://www.zipcodezoo.com/Animals/C/Clithon_corona/) In order to better simulate a stream habitat, I have altered the filter to provide unidirectional flow (via an intake tube on the side of the tank opposite the filter). The large river rocks are supported with stone blocks and eggcrate to ensure stability.
Papuan Stream
Microsorum pteropus
5 Goo Obo Gudgeon (Allomogurnda nesolepis), 8 Horned nerite (Clithon Corona)
River gravel, river rocks, driftwood