#257: 32L Aquatic Garden: Green Magic
Xu Ligang, QingDao Shandong China | E-mail: xuligang_99 at yahoo.cn
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Awards and Judge Comments

Honorable Mention

It is hard for a vertical aquascape to compete with horizontal layouts. Still, this is a lush and attractive little tank that I would love to have sitting on my desk!

Karen Randall

Good effort to create a vertical aquascape. Some fresh light green plants would make the tank look brighter.

Inderjeet Singh Bansal

Even I think that it's hard to make a good aquascape in cube aquariums, this is an interesting job. The use of plants is skillful, the perspective is good. You must try to aquascape in a better proportions tank!

Luca Galarraga

Great overall appearance. Nice choice of plants. Love the combination of leaf shape, texture, and size. Amazing tank.

Drinda Jacobson

A lovley layout with nice green colors.

Oliver Knott

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
30 x 30 x 35 cm (12 x 12 x 14 in)
32L (8 gallons)
ISTA 360
Green Magic
Vesicularia filicinum,Eleocharis vivipara,Golssostigma elatinoides,Eleocharis yokoscensis,Cladophora aegagrophila,Cryptocoryne parva
hemigrammus armstrongi
stone,dry wood