#258: 32L Aquatic Garden: Hidden beauty
Milos Nikolic, Obrenovac Serbia Serbia | E-mail: miloshnikolic at yahoo.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice trimming of your stem plants toward the back, but the moss covered branch sticking up in the middle is distracting. This is a very good start but you need stronger hardscape and a more complete foreground.

Karen Randall

The plants in the foreground are too spread. Try to group them. The title is very accurate ... your hardscape is too hidden ...

Luca Galarraga

Beautiful balance. The nice blush of the reds blends nicely with the overall composition. The midground gets a little lost. If the midground were a little deeper, shorter, the entire scape would have a lot more depth. The blyxa looks a little out of place. The Staurogyne sp. could be a little thicker.

Drinda Jacobson

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
40 x 25 x 32 cm (16 x 9.8 x 13 in)
32L (8 gallons)
Black backrgound
2xPhilips CFL Tornado 23w photoperiod 7h
external DIY filter
Additional Information
K2SO4,KNO3,KH2PO4,DIY micro and Fe EDTA
Hidden beauty
1.Rotala rotundifolia 2.Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea” 3.Hemianthus micranthemoides 4.Hottonia palustris 5.Hedyotis salzmannii 6.Didiplis diandra 7.Bolbitis heudelotii 8.Microsorum pteropus var. narrow 9.Vesicularia dubyana 10.Staurogyne sp. 11.Anubias nana 12.Pogostemon helferi 13.Echinodorus tenellus 14.Blyxa japonica
Pristella riddlei, Aplocheilichthys normani Red cherry shrimps
Decoration: Mangove,Gray Stone,Bio Aqua sand 1-2mm Substrate: DIY