#281: 240L Aquatic Garden: The Gold of the Trichopsis
Julien Voultoury, St Julien l'Ars France | E-mail: voultou at yahoo.fr
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice display, with bold strokes. It looks like it needs to geow in a little more.

Karen Randall

Your rock work is good. Your root work is good. Your upward branches are too sparse or need more plants to make that area a little heavier to balance the scape. The floaters are a bit distracting as they become the focal point. Your crypts add color, yet are placed too linear in your design. Perhaps a one or two in front would have added some color in the front and softened the color addition to the entire scape.

Drinda Jacobson

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
120 x 40 x 50 cm (47 x 16 x 20 in)
240L (63 gallons)
2 T5 x 54 watts
External filter : 1000 liter/hour
Additional Information
pps pro method
The Gold of the Trichopsis
Echinodorus parviflorus, Echinodorus latifolius, Echinodorus tenelus, Anubias barteri var nana, Anubias nana var bonsaï, Cryptocoryne petchii, Cryptocoryne parva, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Hemianthus callitricoïdes, Vesicularia montagnei, Limnobium laevigatum
Trichopsis schalleri (5), Puntius pentazona (10), Crossocheilus oblongus (2), Otocinclus affinis (6), Caridina multidentata (6), neritina natalensis (1), Physa marmorata (20), Gyraulus chinensis (>400)
Asian root, Rocks from Blond Mounts (Limousin, France), Quartz gravel