#29: 700L Aquatic Garden: Touch of Nature
Herman van Amelsvoord, The Hague The Netherlands | E-mail: hj.vanamelsvoord at tiscali.nl | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

I find this very simple tank to also be simply beautiful. It is unfortunate that the water wasn't completely clear or the surface completely clean when the photo was taken.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
180 x 60 x 65 cm (71 x 24 x 26 in)
700L (185 gallons)
3 mm PVC blue background
T5, 300 Watts, Osram Lumilux 865
2x Eheim 2078e
Additional Information
Vortech MP20 powerhead, pH controlled CO2 fertilization, Estimative Index method.
Touch of Nature
Limnophila hippuridoides; Fontanilis antipyretica (Willow moss); Blyxa japonica; Ludwigia arcuata; Cryptocoryne wendtii Tropica; Glossostigma elatinoides;
30 Cardinal tetras; 18 Congo tetras; 4 Otocinclus affinis; 2 Hypoptopoma thoracatum; 2 Apistogramma agissizii fire red; 2 Mikrogeophagus ramirezi; 4 Crossocheilus siamensis; 2 Aplocheilus lineatus gold; 5 Sturisoma aureum
Substrate: Black gravel 1 - 2 mm; Rocks: Grey brittlestones from Belgium