Entry #271: 432L Aquatic Garden: 50 Shades of Red
Alan Yan, St Lucia Queensland Australia
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Awards and Judge Comments

The trimming of the plants on the bottom third of the tank is spectacular, but the Anubias is too large, and the wood casts such a dark shadow below it, with break up the harmony of the scape.

Kris Weinhold

Aquascape Details

Tank Size 120 x 60 x 60 cm (47 x 24 x 24 in)
Volume 432L (114 gallons)
Background Black adhesive vinyl
Lighting ATI Sunpower 54w x8 - Giesemann Midday x3 - Giesemann Aquaflora x3 - ATI purple x2
Filtration Eheim Classic 2217, Fluval G6 x2
Estimative Index fertilization ADA ECA iron
Title 50 Shades of Red
Plants Anubias nana, Bolbitis heudelotii, Staurogyne repens, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala hra, Ludwigia glandulosa, Ludwigia repens 'rubin', Hygrophila corymbosa 'compact', Rotala sp 'green', Rotala mexicana goais, Hygrophila araguaia, Rotala macranda 'variegated', Monoselenium tenellum, Taxiphyllum sp 'peacock', Fissidens Fontanus, Vesicularia ferrei, Pogostemon helferi, Hydrocotyle tripartita, Eriocaulon shiga
Fish/Animals Paracheirodon simulans x100, Hemigrammus rodwayi x30, Ottocinclus affinis x5, Corydoras panda x5, Corydoras hastatus x10, Corydoras pygmaeus x10, Corydoras harbrosus x10, Pterophyllum scalare x3
ADA Amazonia 'New' substrate Mangrove roots x2