#34: 19L Aquatic Garden: Origin
Aram Schneider, Aachen NRW Germany | E-mail: aramschneider at googlemail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Nice creation of the waterfall effect. I think the waterfall should be more to the right, however, as the whole scape seems a bit too far left.

Kris Weinhold

Good Job.

Luis Navarro

Nice little tank with some vibrant plant growth. I do feel like the size of the driftwood is not appropriate for the small tank and the place of the Littorella in the front is distracting.

Bailin Shaw

You have some nice ideas, but the front "treetrunk" is quite coarse, and I could really do without the filter floss stream.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
25 x 25 x 30 cm (9.8 x 9.8 x 12 in)
19L (5 gallons)
2x 11w Dennerle nano light
Eheim 2211
-Hemianthus callitrichoides -Elatine hydropiper -Fissidens fontanus -Eleocharis pusilla -Eleocharis vivipara -Riccardia sp. -Cryptocoryne parva -Cryptocoryne petchii pink -Christmas Moss -Rotala vietnam -Rotala nanjenshan -Weeping Moss -Microsorum trident -Hygrophila pinnatifida -Bucephalandra motleyana kapit -Littorella uniflora -Bolbitis difformis -Asplenium cf.normale
Brachygobius xanthomelas Clithon sp. Neocaridina heteropoda
ADA Amazonia I White sand Seiryu stones Driftwood